Safe Shopping

The verification of your credit or debit card is carried out by SagePay, a leading provider of secure online card processing in the UK.

SagePay is authorised by all the major banks and card companies in the UK to carry out the processing of credit and debit card transactions.
SagePay uses 128-bit encryption, the strongest commercially available form of encryption on the internet. does not have access to your card details, these are passed directly from SagePay in an encrypted form to your bank over a secure link; we (like you) receive a transaction receipt as proof of your purchase. This means that you can be sure that your card details never leave this secure environment.
To check that you are on a secure page look for the following in your browser:
1. The website address when ordering begins with "https" rather than "http".
2. A picture of a locked padlock will appear in your browser.

Payment Process Security

Please note during a transaction the SagePay system can make the following security checks in, addition to checking the usual card details:
1. Card security code check: The three digit number on the back of a card.
2. Address & Postcode check: The address & postcode entered at the time of purchase is checked against the details held by the card issuer.
3. Internet Protocol (IP) address logged: The IP address shows a customer's address on the Internet at the time of the transaction.
4. Your bank and card company also carry out further security checks during the transaction process.

All of these measures are designed to protect customers and prevent the fraudulent use of their credit or debit cards.