Orthomol immun Pro

Orthomol immun Pro


Orthomol Immun Pro is designed for the treatment of intestinal microflora and immune system. It is used for stimulation, which arose after the application of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, dysbacteriosis after antibiotic treatment for allergic diseases. Ortomol Immun Pro consists of a unique complex of vitamins, trace elements, minerals and complex nutrients for the purpose of prevention of immunodeficiency. What is goiter and what it is terrible for the body? Dysbacteriosis, in relation to the intestinal disease may be primary and secondary. Primary dysbiosis is characterized by changes in the microflora, then the inflammatory process in the mucous membrane of the gut (often catarrhal). Secondary dysbiosis - it is a complication of the original disease thick or thin intestines and clinical signs identified underlying disease. 

Orthomol Immun Pro is a multivitamin complex, which is intended for the treatment of intestinal immune system to restore its microflora. Ortomol Immun Pro administered in the presence of allergic diseases, after chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Orthomol Immun Pro is also used to eliminate the negative effects (violation of intestinal microflora) antibiotic treatment. Formulation of it - is unique, contains a balanced set of trace elements and vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help to restore the immune system and the intestinal microflora.

Ortomol Immun Pro helps to restore the intestinal microflora, protects the intestines from cancer. Orthomol Immun Pro also reduces the negative effects of drug therapy with antibiotics. Specific enzymes Ortomol Immun Pro provides enhanced oxygen uptake and accumulation of energy. Improves cell metabolism. Complex Orthomol Immun Pro contains all the necessary materials for their normal operation. Characterized by powerful antioxidant protection at the cellular level. It improves tissue regeneration, inhibits inflammation, prevents cancer

More Information
Manufacturer Orthomol
Product Code 330045
Size and form 685 g
Directions Of Use No
Dosage Orthomol Immun Pro should be taken under medical supervision. Ortomol Immun Pro is not designed to replace another drug therapy or doctor appointments. The daily dose is one small bag (2 g) of probiotics and one sachet (15 g) of micronutrients. Probiotics are taken at night. Orthomol Immun Pro is not a substitute for food. Preparation Ortomol Immun Pro is used as an extended and well-balanced diet is a complete food product.
Nutrition Info No
Precautions For best results you need a long reception Ortomol Pro Immun. Take the contents of different packets must be separated, after dissolving the contents into 100 - 150 ml of drinking water
Other ingredients No
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